General Policy 一般條款

All information on Bliss Vita (our website, our shop, our social media account on Facebook and Instagram) are updated according to current available information.  We are not the manufacturer of any merchandise.  We manage the website, receive, process orders and arrange logistics to deliver products to the customer according to their orders.

We try our best to maintain and update the product content on this website to be true and correct.  Images and information on this website are not our property and it is from brand’s website or online advertising of products.

We regularly update the products on the website.  However, we cannot guarantee accuracy of descriptions or be liable if anyone use information from this website which may lead to mistake, loss or damage of any nature.   A buyer should contact us if they are unsure of any product, quantities or pricing before placing orders.

We do our best to keep the pricing information on the website accurate.  We reserve the right to make price changes, inventory availability and to decide if orders can be accepted.   Any changes will be explained to the customer who then can make the choice to proceed or cancel a order.

For all health products and supplements the manufacturers directions for use shall be followed,  and the customer shall consult a healthcare professional to confirm that the product is suitable for their needs and circumstances.

Bliss Vita (本網站,本店,我們及經本店開設之社交媒體賬戶 Facebook, Instagram) 所載資料乃根據其現有資料提供而製訂,我們並非商品的賣家或供應商。我們負責管理網站、安排訂單處理過程及完成提供顧客透過我們的網站向供應商訂購的商品。

本網站於編製本網站時已盡力確保本網站內所有分頁的內容均正確無誤,本店有關之部份產品圖片及所有產品資訊均由澳洲品牌官網及藥房提供 , 並非本網站所有。